In what secret of female appeal?

To look attractive - quality important, vital. To stop art on itself the look is not limited to a beautiful external cover. To fascinate is a quality, initially put nature.
But should be able to show the potential of congenital charm, knowing some secrets of female appeal.
First of all, female appeal - ability to be pleasant to men. means, to be rather desired and sexy.
the Similar concept includes not only the appearance, but also pleasant manners attracting gait, a bearing, ability to behave, gestures, gloss of eyes, a voice timbre, a smell, ability to listen, be an interesting interlocutor.
Can have inexpressive natural data, but to have knowledge as it is favorable to allocate and strengthen what is, having emphasized all the brightest. And, above all - in full to a measure to use communication at the subconscious level, competently using "language" of a body, clothes.
the Well-cared beauty can push away boastfulness and cold arrogance.
beauty and appeal do not mean one and too. Osnov's
of internal beauty is a harmonious state of mind, self-confidence, openness of life, a positive spirit on an environment.
, in the majority, are pleasant to Men in women spontaneity and naturalness, emotionality and goodwill.