Why the child refuses food?

At any age of your child you can face a problem as to feed him. If your child refuses food, from yesterday still favourite dishes - the reasons of it can be, both psychological, and physiological...
belong To the physiological reasons GIT diseases, the wrong bite at the child. In this case first of all you should see a doctor.
Further, we check, it is how convenient and comfortable to your kid to be at a table whether it is convenient to it to sit?
In the room where there passes the meal, has to be a quiet situation. Mentality of the child the working TV or loud sounds of music, the bright or muffled light, closeness, a heat in kitchen or, on the contrary, cold can irritate.
If you think better, then will come to a conclusion, as your appetite depends on the same reasons and external irritants have huge value as for the adult, so especially and for weak mentality of the small child.
Cannot forget that what is pleasant to you - can not be to the taste to your kid, tastes differ...
the Mode of acceptance of food and the need for food at the child can differ with a general regime of family and standard in society. So during the lunchtime, at 12 o'clock in the afternoon the child does not want to eat soup, but can densely "have dinner" at 14-15 o'clock in the afternoon.
Why not to move towards it?
Ya still would note that you should not have a bite between meals. It can also reduce appetite of the child and cause refusal of food then...
cannot force to eat violently food At all - it can cause violations of character of the kid, disgust not only for food, but also for parents!
Should not persuade the kid is a spoon for mother, for the father and to blackmail the little person, promising purchase of a gift for a lunch. Subsequently the kid and will get used to eat, knowing that he will receive the desirable. And the father in a concept of the kid or mother will equal to the eaten soup or porridge. Mother - same is more, than just porridge, isn't that so?
At problems in food, and is the first problem which you face, bringing up your kid, pay attention to the general psychological background in your family. Problems with food can make the little anorexic of your child.
Acceptance of food or refusal of it can be a consequence of deep psychological problems.