What means a name Grigory?

Grigory in translation from Ancient Greek means a name - awake or not sleeping.
He tries to be pleasant to all and always, tries to watch the last styles, is gallant in communication. It has a large supply of health, it is balanced. From Grigory the good photographer, the engineer, the journalist, the driver can turn out. He does not suffer when try to run it. Grigory very much likes to go to football, hockey matches.
of the Spouse of Grigory absolutely not necessarily has to receive a prestigious profession or make great success in career, to be incredibly beautiful or to come from well wealthy family. It is much more important for it that she was a magnificent hostess, quiet on character and loving the husband.
Grigory not in all cases can resist the seductive beauty therefore his spouse should approach circumspectly the choice of girlfriends. However, most often Grigory is a one-woman man. It has very good, cordial relations with the mother-in-law, children also very much love it.