What means a name Denis?

The name Denis is the Russian form of an Ancient Greek name Dionysus. In Ancient Greece Dionysus - was god of vital forces of nature, god of wine.
In the childhood Denis very sociable boy, it has many friends. There is a predisposition to catarrhal diseases. Denis - capable, assidious and quite accurate. It easily overcomes vital difficulties, he is lucky in life. Denis likes laborious work. Is fond of collecting. Sometimes Denis can be basic, imposes to surrounding people of the idea who do not interest them. He is rather ambitious.
Usually first marriage is unsuccessful for Denis - his spouse dislike the mother-in-law, in family often there are quarrels which can destroy the relations. Therefore to Denis and his young wife before registration of the relations, it is necessary to find the certain apartment. In the choice of the spouse Denis is not deprived of mercenary reasons. He practically does not drink. Is able to watch expenses. It is not avaricious, can agree almost to any acquisition, but under an indispensable condition that at first will ask for permission from it.